Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

U.S. Abrupt Withdrawal from Afghanistan will Bring ‘Unpleasant Consequences’

U.S. Abrupt Withdrawal  from Afghanistan will Bring  ‘Unpleasant Consequences’

KABUL - A number of civil society organizations and military experts have warned of Unpleasant Consequences if the United States abruptly withdraw from Afghanistan.
The U.S. and the Taliban officials engaged in at least five round of talks on Afghanistan to each into a political settlement in the war-torn country.
Withdrawal of the U.S. troops and preventing Afghanistan from being used against other countries have been the two key issues being discussed in the ongoing U.S.-Taliban talks in Qatar.  Both sides yet to reach into a final agreement.
Some Afghan military experts warned that Afghanistan condition will get worse if the U.S. abruptly leave Afghanistan.
“If foreign forces don’t properly equip the Afghan forces and leave Afghanistan, it will be harmful to Afghanistan,” said Mohammad a military expert and former government official.
The Taliban officials have repeatedly said that they will not rule Afghanistan alone this time and that will not re-impose the strict laws of pre-2001.
However, civil society organizations said that there is no guarantee that the Taliban will turn the country back.
“We don’t feel that the Taliban are honest in the peace process. They [the Taliban] are still not ready to lay down their arms and reconsider their activities,” said Mohammad Naim Nazari, head of Civil Society and Human Rights Network.
As the U.S.-Taliban talks continue in Doha, the Interior Ministry, meanwhile, said that the Afghan security forces are able to maintain the security and defend the country, in case of U.S. pullout.
He stressed the Afghan forces have taken the security responsibilities from the coalition forces since 2014 and that are shown the capability of defending the country. (ATN)