Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Govt Asked to Talk with Pakistan on Reopening its Airspace

Govt Asked to Talk with Pakistan  on Reopening its Airspace

KABUL - The Afghan airliners are using Iran’s airspace as a new air route for Kabul-Delhi flights as Pakistan’s airspace remains closed to commercial flights following India-Pakistan military tensions since last month. 
Pakistani government promised to reopen the airspace last Tuesday but it still remains closed and only four airports are operational in that country.
Hundreds of Afghans are traveling to India on a daily basis, mostly for treatment purposes. The flights which took one and a half hours through Pakistan’s airspace are now taking six hours to reach New Delhi, officials from Kam Air said.  
According to the officials, every passenger was charged $350 to $450 in the past but now the prices have increased to $500 and $600.
Kam Air uses an Airbus A340 for daily flights between Afghanistan and India.
“We have not increased the tickets prices as much as our operational cost has increased. We are trying to offer services to the people in any possible way,” said Suleiman Omar, head of the commercial unit of Kam Air.
Critics called on the Afghan government to discuss the problem with Pakistani officials and resolve the issue based on the law of the International Civil Aviation Organization.
Officials from the Independent Civil Aviation Authority said they are in contact with Pakistan civil aviation to address the problem.
“This issue relates to diplomatic relations, but we have not received anything from the Foreign Ministry in this regard. However, we are in contact with Pakistan civil aviation department in this regard,” said Captain Ghulam Jilani, operational deputy head of the Civil Aviation Authority.
Kam Air officials said they will cancel Mazar-New Delhi flights due to their high cost if the situation prevails. (Tolo news)