Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, July 21st, 2019

US Lawmakers Urged to Help End War in Afghanistan

US Lawmakers  Urged to Help End  War in Afghanistan

KABUL - Congressman Rep. Ro Khanna has urged Republicans and Democrats to support President Donald Trump’s efforts to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan.
In an interview on Monday, he said: “We need to put partisan politics aside and support the president’s goal of withdrawing troops.”
Speaking exclusively to Breitbart News, he recalled: “I was for striking Afghanistan when we were hit in 9/11. I have no problem using force to go after the terrorists who committed evil acts and attacked our homeland.”
While defending the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, he saw no rationale for seeking a regime change in Afghanistan and. However, he stressed the need for vanquishing the Taliban.
The congressman claimed troop surges by George Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump had been ineffective. The Taliban had gained control of more territory, he said.
“We ought to withdraw and make it very clear to the Taliban that if there is any harbouring of Al Qaeda … we reserve the right to go strike them.” (Pajhwok)