Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

Baghlan Police Chief Warns Taliban to Quit Violence

Baghlan Police Chief  Warns Taliban to Quit Violence

KABUL - Baghlan Police Chief Allah Dad Fedaee has asked his forces not to show mercy to those who continue to fight government militarily.
He warned the Taliban that they will be "eliminated" if they refused to join the peace process.
“My order to all the personnel is to not have mercy for Taliban militants and those who fight against the people and the government,” said Fedaee.
Baghlan residents, meanwhile, said there is a need for military operations in the insecure parts of the province to clear the areas of Taliban.
“We call on security forces to conduct clearance operation soon to prevent Taliban's attack,” said a Baghlan resident.
The police chief said new check posts have been installed along the Balkh-Baghlan highway to improve security of the key highway. 
“We have stablished several check posts on the highway to prevent Taliban attacks and we warn Taliban that after this, we will not let them to target government and non-government institutions. We also assure our people that we will maintain their security,” said Fedahi.
The resident warned that Baghlan will change into an insecure province if clearance operations are not conducted.
“Baghlan is an insecure province and if the operation is not conducted the province will become more insecure,” said Rahimullah, a Baghlan resident. (Tolo news)