Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

Govt Concerned over Illegal Mining of Natural Wealth: Danesh

Govt Concerned over  Illegal Mining of  Natural Wealth: Danesh

KABUL - Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish on Sunday said Afghanistan was blessed with rich natural resources which remained untapped until now.
Addressing a gathering marking the International Geologists Day here, Danish said there were deposits of natural wealth such as iron, silver, coal, uranium, gold, copper and precious stones in the country.
“Recent US research shows Afghanistan has natural resources worth trillions of dollars, the country is bestowed with 1400 types of minerals and the Hajigak natural reservoir contains 1.8 billion worth tonnes of iron,” he said.
Danish, however, said Afghanistan had been unable to exploit its own natural riches due to the lack of capacity.
He stressed the need for undertaking necessary steps to unearth natural opulence and create a long-term strategic policy to utilize the natural resources in the best interest of the country.
The second vice president said the Ministry of Mining was created 80 years back, but it lacked professional human forces.
The government was encouraging local businessmen to invest in natural resources and consider them as national assets, he added.
Danish termed smuggling and illegal mining of natural resources as a challenge and stressed protection of natural resources.
Ambassador Pierre Mayaudon, the European Union Head of Delegation to Afghanistan, said the EU supported Afghanistan’s efforts to exploit its natural resources.
He also termed smuggling and illegal mining of natural resources a big challenge and demanded an end to the illicit practice.
He suggested the government of Afghanistan in coordination with local shuras should prevent illegal mining.
He said EU investors were interested in making investment in Afghanistan’s mining sector and there was need for creating friendly conditions for investment.  (Pajhwok)