Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

New MoD Commander Warns Rebels to Stop War or Face Death

New MoD  Commander Warns Rebels to Stop  War or Face Death

KABUL - New commander of the defense ministry’s Special Operations Corps– Lt. Gen. Mohammad Fareed Ahmadi on Saturday warned foreign insurgents to leave Afghanistan or the country would turn to their graveyard.
The charge of Special Operations Corps, a campaign against insurgents countrywide launched by the Ministry of Defense, was given to Lt. Gen. Mohammad Fareed Ahamdi today.
While talking to his introduction ceremony, Ahmadi said “Together we will change the trend of war to peace in support of the Afghan people.”
He said that Taliban should not listen to their leaders who he said were receiving directions from others, and show mercy on their selves and families by shunning their insurgency.
“My message to the Taliban is that we will chase you and will catch you wherever you hide and will bring you to the justice,” he said.
Pointing to foreign rebels operating in Afghanistan, he said, “I warn foreign terrorists to leave Afghanistan or this country would turn to their graveyard,”
Defense minister, Asadullah Khalid while addressing Special Operations Corps personnel said, “When I come here, I feel proud and energetic,”
“Fareed would take care of soldiers in training and protection, the enemy tried to start a new offensive against the Afghan forces but it failed to do anything. This credit goes to you, the Afghan Forces. We’re not alone, we have God and people on our side as well as international community’s support,” he said.
Lt. Gen. Mohammad Fareed Ahmadi who replaced Bismillah Waziri has served as the head of the Joint Special Operations Center for a year. His military training and education started from Military High School in Kabul. He earned his master degree in military from the Parachute Commando University of Russia. He obtained his second master degree in International Relations, International Security and Strategy from London’s Royal College. (Pajhwok)