Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, June 1st, 2020

Afghan Women ‘are Marginalized in Peace Process’

Afghan Women  ‘are Marginalized in Peace Process’

DOHA - While the preparations are going on for the seventh round of peace talks between the Taliban delegates and the United States in Doha, a number of former U.S diplomats confirm that the Afghan women have been marginalized in the peace process of Afghanistan.
They stress that the opportunity should be given to the women so that they act as the planners in terms of bringing peace in Afghanistan.
Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini, the founder and CEO of the International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN), say that it is quite significant for the Afghan women to set behind the negotiating tables to be part of the policymakers.
These diplomats say that the presence of the women in the peace talks speeds up the progress in the process.
Donald Stenberg, a former U.S diplomat in Afghanistan, says that the presence of women in the peace process and their awareness result in the progress of the peace process.
This comes as the majority of the Afghan women are concerned about their absence in the peace process as they have not been given any role by the Afghan government in the process. (ATN)