Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

7-Member Kidnap Gang Busted, Child Rescued in Paktia

7-Member Kidnap Gang  Busted, Child Rescued in Paktia

GARDEZ - Intelligence forces have arrested a seven-member kidnap gang and rescued a child from their possession in southeastern Paktia province.
Father of the child, Wali Khan, said his son was kidnapped 17 days ago from outside their home in Ahmadabad district. He said the kidnappers had demanded 2.5 million Pakistani rupees in return for his son.
He said the kidnappers phoned him about 10 days after kidnapping his son. He thanked the intelligence force for rescuing his son.
Grandfather of the child, Haji Zabith, said the kidnappers would beat his grandson and they would hear him crying in the telephone. The kidnappers would threaten that they would cut off fingers of the child if money was not given to them soon.
“We told them we don’t have even 5000 rupees and you are demanding 2500000 rupees. The kidnappers would hit the child and would say he would be sent to his father in plastic bag in pieces. Finally we agreed to give them 500,000 rupees, but fortunately security forces rescued him.”
The child, Iqbal, also said the kidnappers would beat him and would deny him food and the last day he was thrown a mud oven. “They would say we will cut off my hands and fingers if my father did not bring them money.”
Paktia National Directorate of Security chief Maj. Gen. Qadar Mohammad Qadar said the child was found in a house in Balada area of Gardez after identification of the location. He said seven kidnappers were arrested and a car was confiscated during the operation. He said the detainees had confessed to their crimes. (Pajhwok)