Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

Abdullah Reacts to Intra-Afghan Meeting of Moscow

Abdullah Reacts to Intra-Afghan Meeting  of Moscow

Reacting to the Intra-Afghan meeting in Moscow, Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive of the country, said that no changes have come in the Taliban’s position and they still stress on continuing the war.
“No change has come in their position and it means that the still this catastrophe would be imposed on the people,” said Abdullah.
In addition, Abdullah stressed that the government and Afghan people would stand of defending their rights.
“No one should hesitate that there is a united nation who defends their rights,” said Abdullah.
In addition, there are concerns about the peace process with the Taliban.
“Based on what we saw, they [the Taliban] use the peace process as the tool to consolidate their despotism again and impose it on the Afghan people,” said Abdullah Qurluq, Deputy of the Junbesh-e-Meli Political Party (led by the first Vice-President).
At the same time, Pakistan media reported that Khalilzad is supposed to travel to Islamabad on Sunday for breaking the deadlock of the Afghanistan peace process.
Yet, Khalilzad has not said anything regarding his travel to Pakistan but he welcomed the meeting of President Ghani with Imran Khan, Pakistan’s Prime Minister.
Khalilzad said that relationships improvement between Afghanistan and Pakistan helps in establishing stability.
“Welcome the news that President Ghani & PM Imran Khan met on the margins of OIC Summit. Improved Af-Pak ties are key to reaching, implementing & capitalizing on opportunities for regional connectivity, integration & development. The US stands ready to assist Afghan Peace Process,” tweeted Khalilzad on Saturday.
Moreover, Senate Speaker stressed that Pakistan can help Afghanistan in the peace process.
“Our demand from the U.S and the international community is that they consider the Afghan people sacrifices and make real efforts. The influence of Pakistan is more on the Taliban and this effects the peace process,” said Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, Speaker of the Senate House.
This comes as the government and Afghan people are expecting that the Taliban group announce a ceasefire during the Eid days for the goodwill of reaching to peace but the Taliban have not said anything on this. (ATN)