Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, October 13th, 2019

ESG Calls on all Stakeholders to Adhere to Constitutions, Democratic Principles

ESG Calls on all  Stakeholders to Adhere to Constitutions,  Democratic Principles

KABUL - The Election Support Group (ESG) has encouraged the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to continue making progress in its preparations for the upcoming elections, according to a statement on Sunday.
“We take note of the recently concluded voter registration update exercise and commend the hundreds of thousands of new voters. The people of Afghanistan are doing their part to strengthen the integrity of the voter registry and the electoral process and demonstrating their commitment to the democratic future of their country,” the statement said.
The electoral process reflected the will of the Afghan people to decide for themselves. Its success is the responsibility of all Afghan stakeholders.
“We call on all candidates and supporters to publicly demonstrate clear leadership by upholding the Constitution and its democratic principles. All candidates are encouraged to engage in fair competition as outlined in the Election law, the Code of Conduct they signed, and regulations enacted by the IEC.
This must entail support and respect of the independent electoral bodies. All candidates must ensure a level playing field for one another and to the voters nationwide. It is imperative to a successful election that all electoral officials be given the independence they need without undue interference.
“We also call on candidates to refrain from using state resources or positions for electoral gain.”
“We remind all stakeholders in the process – whether they reside in Kabul or in the remote districts and villages in the country – of the presidential decrees on non-interference of public officials and security forces in electoral affairs that were issued in February 2019.”
All government officials are legally bound to separate their duties in government from campaigning or conducting themselves in a manner that would benefit specific candidates. The fight against electoral impunity needs to be stepped up: all individuals who violate the election law to be prosecuted and judged directly and in accordance with Afghan laws.
The Election Support Group calls on all actors – including candidates, their supporters and election officials – to commit publicly to holding themselves to the highest standards of conduct which the Afghan people deserve. (Pajhwok)