Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

Key Role Promised for Women in Peace Process

Key Role Promised for  Women in Peace Process

KABUL - Afghanistan’s Deputy Permanent Representative to UN Security Council Mohammad Wali Naeemi has stressed protection of rights and institutional gains of past 18 years.
Addressing the UN Security Council on the situation in Afghanistan, he said the government on Kabul was committed to ensure the inclusive role of women in peace and post peace development.
“Among efforts to promote this inclusive role of women in peace, allow me to take a moment to highlight the important part that we expect the newly launched Group of Friends of Afghan Women could play,” he said.
This Group of Friends will aim to showcase the vital roles played by Afghan women in society, highlight the importance of consolidating the gains achieved in the past 18 years and promote meaningful participation of women in line with the Security Council Resolution 1325.
“We hope that future delegation visits could also be organised as one of the many means for the Group to achieve its goal and look forward to further discussing this and many other opportunities in the future,” the envoy said.
Naeemi reiterated the government’s commitment to the holding of transparent, free and secure elections on September 28.
“Holding these elections will assert the will of the people of Afghanistan on reaffirming our commitment to democracy and rule of law in our country.
“Further, a joint security plan has been finalised for presidential elections to be held in a secure environment,” he added.
The diplomat said the Afghan security forces had kept terrorist groups from making any major gains in the country and operating with great confidence and efficiency.
“This effort will continue with a priority in defence of our people and our country’s territorial integrity in parallel to the ongoing peace negotiations.
“We continue our call for the Taliban to honor their commitment to peace through deeds and not words, particularly in the aftermath of yesterday’s deadly blasts in Kabul which once again claimed the lives of innocent civilians,” he said.
“We maintain our belief that only a dual track approach of pressure and incentives can ensure a conducive environment for a successful comprehensive agreement with the Taliban,” he said.
Despite the challenges that remain, the last 18 years have seen the emergence of a new democratic and developing Afghanistan.
“Reforms in the security and civil sectors, as well as in governance, have allowed us to continue with strong determination the implementation of the Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework (ANPDF) and the National Priority Programmes (NPPs) and to follow a steady path towards stability and self-reliance through fighting corruption, the empowerment of youth and women, the promotion of economic growth and the development of stronger and more efficient public institutions.”
Naeemi said these efforts, coupled with tangible regional steps within the Afghan-led platforms, RECCA and Heart of Asia, had allowed the country to emerge as a catalyst for economic and regional cooperation.
Naeemi reiterated Afghanistan’s support for the work of the United Nations in Afghanistan. “We hope this visit will provide Deputy Secretary-General Mohammed and her delegation with valuable perspectives and inputs on the importance of a thorough renewal of the mandate of UNAMA.
“We look forward to discussions on this matter in September in the hope that the UN mission will be renewed for a year, at the minimum, and that the renewal document will retain core priority issues for Afghanistan and incorporate new developments including upcoming elections and the peace process,” he concluded.  (Pajhwok)