Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, February 24th, 2020

Kabul Says Ready for Direct Talks with Taliban

Kabul Says Ready for Direct Talks  with Taliban

KABUL - The Afghan government on Thursday showed its readiness for direct talks with Taliban insurgents, saying its negotiation team was final and looking forward to further developments.
“The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is ready for direct negotiations with the Taliban. The negotiating team is final and we are looking forward to further developments at this stage,” Presidential spokesman SediqSediqqi said in a tweet.
“The negotiating team is comprehensive and we consulted various parties on each stage of the peace process. The Islamic republic of Afghanistan is a people’s representative government,” he said
“We believe in a peace that preserves the interests of the people and does not harm our republic,” Sediqqi said.
About inauguration of the Darulaman Palace as part of celebrations marking the 100th Independence Day of Afghanistan, the presidential spokesman said it was a major national event.  “All politicians and influential figures were invited to attend the inaugural ceremony.”
The spokesman called ISIS or Daesh “a threat to the security and stability of Afghanistan. “
“In partnership with our international partners, we are fighting ISIS and other terrorist groups. We are working together with the United States and NATO to eliminate ISIS havens,” he said. (Pajhwok)