Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, August 6th, 2020

Taliban Torch Salaam Telecom Tower in Jawzjan

Taliban Torch  Salaam Telecom Tower in Jawzjan

SHIBERGHAN - Taliban militants torched an antenna of the Salaam Telecom and blew up a HUMVEE vehicle of Afghan forces in northern Jawzjan province, local officials said Saturday.
Mohammad Nasim Baligh, Jawzjan telecommunication and information technology director, told Pajhwok Afghan News, “We were informed that a tower of Salaam Telecom has been set ablaze by Taliban in Aliabad village of Faizabad district.”
He said the tower covered the Faizabad district center and surrounding areas up to 10 kilometers. Reactivating the tower would be difficult considering the current security situation in the area, Baligh said.
Massoud Nadim, Jawzjan police spokesman, told Pajhwok Afghan News that militants entered the guard room of a Salaam Telecom tower in Aliabad village and torched the tower and its equipment.
He said a HUMVEE vehicle of Afghan forces was also blown up by militants. A soldier was injured in the incident, he added.
The Taliban had previously threatened to target Salaam Telecom, a state-run telecom company, for what they said not following their orders.
Nadim said workers of the tower had left the area in advance due to security problems.
Residents of Faizabad district say telecom services have long been available only for a limited time during day in Jawzjan.
Hasibullah, a resident of Aliabad district, told Pajhwok that Salaam Telecom was the only company that provided 24 hours services to people in the area.
“We can no longer use the services of Salaam Telecom after its tower was torched,” he said.
He said Afghan forces should take measures for preventing destructive activities of militants.
Maj. Abdul Wahid Wijdan, Jawzjan police chief, said a plan had been prepared for launching operations against militants in jawzjan in near future.
An operation is currently underway in Zari district and Hamrakh district of Balkh province and an operation would be also launched on the Shiberghan-Mazar-i-Sharif highway later, he said.
The Taliban earlier had said they would treat Salam Telecom personnel and facilities as military target. (Pajhwok)