Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, May 31st, 2020

WHO Provides Emergency Healthcare Needs in Zabul

WHO Provides Emergency  Healthcare Needs in Zabul

KABUL - The World Health Organisation (WHO) is providing critical healthcare needs in Zabul immediately after explosives were detonated outside of the provincial hospital in Zabul on September 19, 2019, a statement says on Sunday.
Zabul provincial hospital sustained heavy damages, and it was reported that 15 people were kill, 80 were injured in the incident. WHO responded quickly and provided ambulance support for transferring of critical patients to Kandahar, medicine and logistics including emergency trauma kits and outpatient department service.
"WHO will try to keep up the momentum and coordinate to make sure the health emergency needs in Zabul are met," says Dr David Lai, Afghanistan Health Cluster Coordinator, "it is also important to re-iterate that we condemn the attacks on healthcare where not only the healthcare providers were victims, but also people who rely on the healthcare services became victims."  
The provincial hospital was able to accommodate patient the next day in limited capacity.  Together with partners, WHO is working with the local officials to further identify and prioritize healthcare needs and start to rebuild the hospital in the next five months.  (Pajhwok)