Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

Taliban Leaders Among 13 Killed in Takhar Airstrike

Taliban Leaders Among 13 Killed  in Takhar Airstrike

TAKHAR - The Taliban-designated district governor and judge have been killed in an airstrike by Afghan forces in Takhar province, the Defense Ministry said.
In a statement released on Monday, the MoD said that the strike was conducted in Khawaja Ghar district of the province.
At least 13 militants including the Taliban shadow governor for the Namakab district and the group’s designated judge for Takhar were killed in the raid, the statement added.
The statement identified the Taliban-designated governor and judge as Burhan Gujar and Haji Sabir accordingly.
According to the statement, nine other Taliban fighters were also wounded in the operation.
The Defense Ministry said that the clearance operation is underway and so far several parts of the province were cleared of the Taliban militants.
The Taliban militant group yet to make a comment regarding the incident.
Takhar is among the insecure provinces in the northeast part of Afghanistan where the Taliban militant are actively operating in a number of its districts. (ATN)