Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, July 9th, 2020

Minister: Afghanistan in Need of More Iranian Medicine

Minister: Afghanistan in Need  of More Iranian Medicine

TEHRAN - Afghanistan's Minister of Public Health Firouzeddin Firouz said that his country is willing to import more Iranian medicine due to their high quality.
"Only 15% to 20% of Afghanistan's medicine market is supplied by the Iranian drugs," Firouz said in a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Saeed Namaki in Tehran on Tuesday.
He noted that the Afghan people are satisfied with the quality of the Iranian medicine, and added, "The share of Iranian drugs in this market should increase."
"Also, we can have cooperation with Iran in transferring the technology to produce medicine in the next phase," Firouz said.
In relevant remarks earlier this month, Iranian Ambassador to Kabul Bahador Aminian said that his country’s exports to Afghanistan were 3 times more than what it sent to 28 member states of the European Union, highlighting that trade with Afghanistan was of high value to Tehran.
Developing trade ties with Afghanistan is Iran’s priority because the two countries are neighbors, Aminian said, addressing the Working Group for Export Development and Council for Organizing Border Exchanges of Southern Khorasan Province.
“Afghanistan is Iran’s priority in our resistance economic policies as it is our neighbor and has a good share of our exported products,” he added.
He mentioned that Iran’s exports to the 28 European Union (EU) countries was only a third of what it exported to Afghanistan.
Aminian called on Iran’s private sector to play a more prominent role in exports to the country’s Eastern neighbor. (FNA)