Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, July 11th, 2020

Taliban ‘Ready to Talk’ With Afghan Gov’t after Signing Deal with US

Taliban ‘Ready to Talk’ With Afghan Gov’t  after Signing Deal with US

KABUL - Apparently, the U.S. and Taliban are willing to revive the stalled Afghan peace talks.
Speaking with CNN-News18, an Indian English-language news television network, the Taliban’s political spokesman Suhail Shaheen said there is no military solution to the issue of Afghanistan.
Shaheen further said that the group was ready to talk to all Afghan sides including the Afghan government after signing a peace deal with the United States.
“So whether it is the current administration or any other administration in future, we considered them as a party to the conflict and we will have a negotiation with them alongside other Afghans,” he said.
Taliban spokesperson stressed that if U.S. President Donald Trump had not called off the negotiation, the peace deal would have been signed by now and there would have been ceasefire in Afghanistan.
Political figures in Kabul are expecting the next Afghan government to have a clear plan for peace.
Haji Deen Mohammad, an official in the Afghanistan’s High Peace Council believes that if the next president do not differentiate between peace and surrendering, the ongoing-war will intensify in the country.
Sayed Ishaq Gailani, the leader of a political party claimed that there is no consensus among Afghan elites when it comes to peace.
However, Najia Anwari, a spokesperson of the Ministry of State for Peace Affairs said there are obstacles in way of peace including Taliban’s unwillingness to ceasefire but efforts have been made to accelerate the process.
This comes after reports emerged that the U.S. and Taliban representatives are discussing to resume their peace talks. (ATN)