Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

Loya Jirga Not Postponed: Safya Saddiqui

Loya Jirga Not Postponed: Safya Saddiqui

KABUL - A spokesperson for the Loya Jirga on Saturday said the grand assembly would take place as planned, brushing aside the rumors that the event had been postponed.
More than 2,000 government officials and elders are scheduled to meet on November 16 in Kabul to discuss the pros and cons of the proposed US-Afghanistan strategic partnership agreement. The gathering will also confer on a mechanism for peace negotiations with Afghan insurgents.
Participants, who will arrive in the capital four days ahead of the event, will be briefed on the objective behind the grand assembly. Beginning on Nov. 16, the deliberations will continue for four days.

All sitting parliamentarians, some former MPs, 30 percent members of each provincial council, representatives of civil society and special people, religious scholars and influential tribal elders will attend the Jirga As many as 171 Wolesi Jirga members had filled out forms to attend the Jirga.

Member and spokesperson for the Loya Jirga preparatory commission, Safya Saddiqui told reporters in Kabul said the event would take place as planned. The rumors that the event has been delayed were circulated by people who were against the strategic cooperation agreement with the US.

She said 2030 people had been invited to the Jirga and 500 people in provinces and the capital Kabul registered their names for participation in the event on Saturday the first day of the registration process.

To a question, she said a referendum was not possible on the strategic agreement due to security concerns. People of the country had a lot of respect for decisions made by jirgas, she said.