Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, May 30th, 2020

Proposed Taliban Prisoner Release Gets Mixed Reactions

Proposed Taliban Prisoner Release Gets Mixed  Reactions

KABUL - The reports of a potential swap of 80 Taliban prisoners, including Anas Haqqani, in exchange for two kidnapped expat professors, is provoking mixed reactions among Afghans.
“Anyone who is involved in the killing of civilians should be put on trial and punished,” said Suhrab Totakhail, a resident of Kabul.
“If they want to release the Taliban, they must consider justice,” said Hamid Warsaji, another resident of Kabul.
Afghans also said that the government should consult with the citizens before releasing Taliban prisoners.
“It is not only the right of the government, it is the right of the nation to decide,” said Ibrahim Asim, resident of Kabul.
Other citizens say that if the release of the Taliban prisoners leads to peace then let the Taliban be released.
“Our people are tired of war and devastation. If Taliban prisoners are released in exchange for two US professors and this leads to Afghan peace, then I agree,” said a resident.
Meanwhile, some political parties call for a transparent mechanism for the release of peace prisoners.
Talks between Taliban and US envoys have not officially resumed since the suspension of nine rounds of talks in Doha in early September. But there have been calls from international stakeholders for the resumption of peace talks, and there has been speculation that a prisoner exchange could initiate the talks. (TOLO News)