Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, December 15th, 2019

Jirga, A Violation of Afghan Constitution: Abdullah

Jirga, A Violation of Afghan Constitution: Abdullah

KABUL - The leader of Change and Hope Coalition Dr Abdullah Abdullah on Sunday said that holding the Traditional Jirga is a clear violation of law and it's decisions are unacceptable.
The Traditional Jirga undermines the authority of the Afghan Parliament, he added.
An Afghan traditional Jirga will be held on November 16th to discuss Afghan-US Strategic Agreement.
"It doesn't have any legal base, it's against the Afghan constitution and it's purposes are unclear. The decisions it makes will be unacceptable to the Afghan people and will not be respected by them," Dr Abdullah said.
Some MPs are also critical of the Jirga.

"I, as a member of Afghan Parliament, have not seen the draft of the strategic agreement between Afghanistan and the United States," Mohammad Ishaq Gilani, representing Paktika province in the Afghan Parliament, said.
Some of the participants believe that the Afghan-US strategic agreement is very important and that only the Afghan Parliament has the authority to decide about it.
Discussing such an important issue at an illegal summit is in complete violation of the Afghan constitution.

"Today our Parliament is symbolic, all decisions are dictated by the president," Shakiba Hashimi representing Kandahar province in Afghan Parliament, said.
They also said that violation of laws by the government is not for the good of Afghan people.

The meeting issued a statement and called on President Karzai to stay faithful to his oaths and respect the authorities of the three bodies. (Tolo News)