Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, June 5th, 2020

Natural Gas Power Plant Inaugurated in Shebrghan

Natural Gas Power Plant  Inaugurated in Shebrghan

MAIMANA - A natural gas power plant worth $40 million has been inaugurated in Shebrghan, the capital of northwestern Jawzjan province, officials said Thursday.
The project was inaugurated by Hamayon Qayumi, senior advisor to the president, during his trip to Jawzjan province today.
While talking to the inauguration ceremony of the project, Qayumi said that the plant was a great development in power production as it was using natural gas from natural sources of Jawzjan province.
“The technology used in this power plant is the latest for producing electricity from natural gas,” he said.
He added the project would be expanded in the near future and investments made for providing electricity to northern provinces using natural gas.
Qayumi said that the power plant would first produce 40 megawatts of electricity and the amount would be increased to 200 megawatts later.
Mohammad Gul Khulami, acting water and energy minister who was also present in the ceremony, said that solar energy was currently used in Kandahar province and $370 million was invested for power production from water, gas and wind in the country.
“We have talked with a number of private companies and they are interested to invest in power supplying,” he said.
Mulavi Lutfullah Azizi, Jawzjan governor shared problems people of eight districts of the province faced regarding electricity shortage and said he also shared information about limited personnel for surveying petroleum and gas with the delegation. (Pajhwok)