Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, June 5th, 2020

Drive Launched to End Gender-Based Violence

Drive Launched to End  Gender-Based Violence

KABUL - The Embassy of Canada has launched a campaign to commemorate the “16 Days of Activism to Eliminate Gender-Based Violence” by lighting up its building here with orange lights.
This is the first of a series of initiatives taking place during the 16-day campaign, starting on November 25, the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women, and ending on December 10, International Human Rights Day, the embassy said in a statement.
The orange lights capitalise on the campaign theme “Orange the World”, which amplifies the voices of individuals around the globe who have survived violence or who strive to defend the rights of survivors.
Canada -- a world leader in the promotion and protection of women’s rights and gender equality -- seeks to empower Afghan women at home, in the work place and in the government. It also seeks to empower women as active participants in peace talks and as leaders in their communities.
Studies show a majority of Afghan women have experienced physical, sexual or psychological violence at some point in their lives.
“Gender-Based violence should be a concern for everyone. We call on the people of Afghanistan, the Afghan government, international allies, civil society and human rights institutions to help end gender-based violence in homes, schools, and communities”, said Ambassador Dave Metcalfe. “What will you do to stand up against gender-based violence?”
As part of the campaign, the Canadian embassy will host a panel on the importance of security and judicial sectors to protect and support women who have experienced violence.  The embassy is also funding activities throughout the 16 Days delivered by “Equality for Peace and Democracy”.
This Afghan civil society organisation will host lectures, a play and poetry readings among other activities in multiple provinces across Afghanistan to raise awareness on the need to eliminate gender-based violence. The embassy is also hosting a women’s bazaar to support their economic empowerment. 
The embassy said it was pleased to host a screening of “Hava, Maryam, Ayesha”, an Afghan fiction movie that shows the stories of three Afghan women facing challenges and violence.
The number of Afghan girls in school is now six times higher than it was 18 years ago. Over two and a half thousand women have joined the police force, and Afghanistan has nearly 300 women judges. 
“We stand together with the survivors of gender-based violence. Together, we can break the cycle of violence”, concluded Ambassador Metcalfe. (Pajhwok)