Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, September 24th, 2021

Model UN Conference Held for Youth in Kabul

Model UN Conference Held  for Youth in Kabul

KABUL - A Model United Nations Conference was organized in Kabul to encourage youth participation in decisions and their familiarity with the UN and international diplomacy.
Mohammad Yahya Qanay, the organizer of UN Model Conference in Kabul, said he had invited 300 youth from 30 provinces to discuss peace, higher education curriculum and discrimination in Afghanistan.
He said the conference since 2016 encouraged youth engagement in national and international issues and sharing their thoughts for change.
Liza Rific, in charge of UNAMA’s political affairs, called the conference a good development for Afghan youth.
She said the event offered the youth a chance to share their ideas with others and get informed about important regional issues through such events.
Acting commerce and industry minister Ajmal Ahmadi said, “Youths’ efforts and role in areas of commerce, governance and others in the country over is unprecedented during the last one decade.”
Wahid Omar, public and strategic relations in charge at the Presidential Palace, told the conference participants to show their unity and talk about important issues of the country.
Organizers of the conference said suggestions and demands of the participants would be shared with the UN and the Afghan government on the last day of the conference. (Pajhwok)