Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, August 11th, 2020

Ghani Orders Probe into NDS Kabul Operation That Killed Five

Ghani Orders Probe into NDS  Kabul Operation That Killed Five

KABUL - Elders from the provinces of Kapisa, Panjshir and Parwan were also present at the meeting in which Ghani extended his condolences to Amer Abdul Sattar’s family and ordered an investigation into the incident.
Amer Abdul Sattar was a former Mujahideen leader who was killed with four others in an operation by the National Directorate of Security’s (NDS) special unit in the north of Kabul.
Amer Satar was from Ghorband valley of Parwan province.
“Believe us, the wounded were killed after the forces entered the room,” said Abdul Nasir, a neighbor of Sattar.
“Amer Sattar and his son were guests at the house. and when we finished the praying than we heard the shooting,” said Abdul Nasir, a relative of Amer Sattar.
The son of the owner of the house, Shafi, said: “Amer Sattar and his son and nephew were our guests, and they were killed with my father and one of my brothers.”
The issue sparked anger among some politicians and MPs.
“Mr. Amer Sattar was not a fugitive,” the parliament speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani said on Monday. “He (Sattar) attended all government meetings. Why did this operation happen, which included Amer Sattar, where the owner of the house with his son was also martyred?”
Sources within the NDS confirmed the operation but have not given details. (TOLO NEWS)