Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Kabul Police Launching New Operations to Apprehend Criminals

Kabul Police Launching New Operations to  Apprehend Criminals

KABUL - The Ministry of Interior reports that they have commenced a huge operation in order to identify and arrest criminals in Kabul city.
The ministry says, yesterday evening they took 18 people into custody on charges of carrying weapons illegally, robbery, theft, and disrupting the public order.
The MoI in a statement underlined that in addition to increasing men in Police Districts, Masood Andarabi, the Acting Minister of MoI Wednesday appointed nearly 1,000 policemen equipped with 300 vehicles to fight to eliminate the criminal activities inside in the city.
The ministry promises that the operations will continue until all criminals, especially pocket pickers and phone thieves are taken into custody.
Recently, Criminal activities such as armed robberies, phone, and pocket-picking have been increased in Kabul city. Some cases have taken lives as well.
In the meantime, social media users launched campaigns reading as “Kabul is not safe”, “Dear robbers, be a thief but be a man – do not murder our youth”, in order to reach out to the intensity of the situation to the government officials. (ATN)