Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, August 15th, 2020

Recount Delayed Due to Disagreement Between IEC, ECC

Recount Delayed Due to  Disagreement Between IEC, ECC

KABUL - The Electoral Complaints Commission has identified more than 2,500 polling stations that need recounting, but the process has yet to kick off due to the Independent Election Commission’s disagreement.
A total of 2,555 polling stations n more than 20 provinces have been referred for recounting which the ECC expected to begin today (Saturday).
Mohammad Qasim Ilyasi, secretary of ECC, said that the process had not begun yet.
Meanwhile, a letter from IEC obtained by 1TV shows that it had requested ECC to provide a comprehensive plan for recounting four days agon.
IEC’s head of secretariat, Habibur Rahman Nang, said that the commission had not received the plan yet.
ECC, however, said that it was not bound to prepare such a plan and said that IEC should itself plan for the recount.
ECC said that decisions had been made over complaints in 28 provinces and that the process would end in two days. (1TV NEWS)