Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Afghanistan Overflights Up 25 Percent amid US-Iran Tensions

Afghanistan Overflights Up  25 Percent amid US-Iran Tensions

KABUL - Flights over Afghanistan have increased by 25 percent amid tensions between the United States and Iran that escalated recently following military actions, Afghan authorities said on Saturday.
In a statement, Afghanistan’s Civil Aviation Authority said that the International Civil Aviation Organization and International Air Transport Association requested Afghanistan and other countries in the region to help facilitate more overflights, following escalation of tensions in the region.
The authority said that airlines had already changed their routes to Afghanistan due to security issues in Iran and the Persian Gulf.
Tensions in the Middle East intensified last week after a US drone strike killed an Iranian general in Iraq, prompting Tehran to fire at US targets on Wednesday.
A Ukrainian passenger plane crashed in Tehran on Wednesday, killing 176. Iran said on Saturday it had mistakenly shot down the plane, after initially denying it brought down the aircraft.
The increase in Afghanistan overflights would mean rise in the country’s revenues. The country haschages every overflight $700 and in November, it announced plan to increase it to $950. (1TV NEWS)