Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, August 15th, 2020

Houses be Searched in Presence of Elders: Residents

Houses be Searched in  Presence of Elders: Residents

SHARAN - Civilian houses should be searched in the presence of local tribal elders, residents of the Birmal district of southeastern Paktika province have demanded.
Hundreds of tribal elders made the demand during a meeting with the provincial police chief, days after a number of houses were searched in the Tanda Marghi area of the district.
Malak Pir Mohammad, an Ahmadzai Wazir tribal chieftain, suggested any house search must be based on accurate information and conducted in the presence of the village head or the prayer leader.
He alleged in most cases informers pursued their personal goals and raided the houses of pro-government people. Such actions tended to alienate the people from the government, he argued.
The tribespeople had always rendered sacrifices for their homeland, the elder said, adding that each family kept a weapon in self-defence due to the security situation in border areas.
Rahmatullah Wazir, the youth council head for the district, said people were infuriated two days ago when police searched a house in the area.
He said the police chief visited border areas and apologised to the people. He promised such raids would not be conducted in the future.
Local traditions must be respected and house search operations conducted in the presence of local public representatives, Wazir stressed.
For his part, police chief Nisar Ahmad Abdul Rahimzai said police searched houses on the basis of actionable intelligence. He insisted the raiding party enter sleeping rooms and only checked doubtful places.
He added police reserved the right to search a suspected place in accordance with the law. Rahimzai hailed the bravery of Birmal elders and asked them not to let anyone create problems in their areas. (Pajhwok)