Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Rising Gas Prices Distressing People

Rising Gas  Prices  Distressing  People

KABUL - The prices of gas in Kabul have been increasing on day to day basis. In a week’s time, the prices of gas increased from fifty to eighty Afghanis.
Residents of Kabul believe that some mafia elements inside the government exploit and benefit from the seasonal change and people’s hardship.
Officials of Liquefied Gas and Oil Importers Union say that one of the reasons for the rise in gas prices is the strike by the transportation companies in the west of Afghanistan. They add that the government should have strategic storages for gas in order to be used under such circumstances.
Azerakhsh Hafizi, Head of Liquefied Gas and Oil Importers Union, says that the route that connects the west to the center of the country, has been blocked for fifteen days, so the price of liquefied gas has gone up.
On the other hand, officials at private transport companies, say that their strike has already been over. They criticize businessmen and say prices have been mounted as a result of monopoly.
Tela Mohammad Tamanzai, head of private transport companies, says that the businessmen and shopkeepers have to be fair with people because previously their excuse for high prices was the strike which had blocked the route, now the strike is over and there is no other excuse.
People warn that they will have to stoke use unfiltered fuels and even old tires to warm up their homes if the government does not take strict actions in the matter. (ATN)