Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Govt Asked to Share Its 7-Point Peace Plan with Senate

Govt Asked to Share Its 7-Point  Peace Plan with Senate

KABUL - Some Meshrano Jirga members on Tuesday urged the government to share its seven-point peace plan with the Senate for approval.
After nine rounds of peace talks between the US and Taliban representatives, US President Donald Trump called off peace talks with Taliban after the car bombing in Kabul that killed at least 10 people, including an American soldier on September 08,2019.
According to some reports, US and Taliban representatives recently met in Qatar on decreasing violence in Afghanistan.
A day earlier, Presidential Palace spokesman Sidiq Sidiqi tweeted, “Ceasefire is an international experience and for us, peace means the end of war.
He said “Our goal is the ceasefire like one established in the country two years ago during Eid.”
In October, the National Unity Government (NUG) proposed a seven-point peace plan with Taliban militants.
The first point of the peace plan document reads: “We propose to the US to jointly develop an implementable mechanism and plan with Afghanistan for withdrawal of US forces and a CT cooperation framework for post-withdrawal period. This could build upon the US’s discussions with the Taliban and salvage parts of the past year’s efforts that were undertaken by the Americans.”
The second point states that “once the Taliban have assurances (only assurances at this stage) that foreign troops, which they claim to be the problem, will leave, the previously constructed inclusive 15-member Negotiations Team will participate in negotiations with the Taliban.”
He said the government should not bring further pressure on the Taliban if they were not willing to accept all the points because pressure in this regard could eliminate hopes created for peace in the country.
Senate Chairman FazalHadiMuslimyar said he also supported the peace offer. He urged the government to share the seven-point peace plan with the Senate for approval.
He said reduction of violence and temporary ceasefire could not meet the Afghan problem and both sides should declare a lasting ceasefire. (Pajhwok)