Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

Rice Price Falls, Afghanis Currency Soars Against US Dollar

Rice Price Falls, Afghanis Currency Soars  Against US Dollar

KABUL - The US currency dipped against Afghani as well as rice and liquefied gas rates while the price of sugar increased during the outgoing week in capital Kabul, market source said Saturday.
Haji Mir Hussian Sadaqat, a moneychanger at the Money Exchange Service in Sara-i-Shahzada, told Pajhwok Afghan News one US dollar was accounted for 76.70 Afghanis and 1,000 Pakistani rupees for 483afs against last week’s 78.15afs and 488afs.
According to some moneychangers, the value of the Afghani currency increased after transactions on Pakistani rupees banned in some border provinces of the country.
The Afghan government last month launched a campaign for banning transactions in some border provinces including Khost, Nangarhar, Laghman and Paktia.
Many provinces sharing border with Pakistan use Pakistani rupees for transactions while provinces bordering Iran use Iranian rial.
In food items, the price of rice has increased.
Abdul Hadi, a worker at Wazirabad Fuel Station in Kabul said that the price of a liter of petrol was 50afs and the same quantity of diesel 48afs, same rates of last week’s.
Gold rates also remain unchanged.
Basir Ahmad, a jeweler in Lycee Mariam area of Kabul, said that one gram of Arabian gold cost 3,150afs and the same quantity of Russian variety 2,500afs, no changes have recorded in gold rates. (Pajhwok)