Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

Pakistan to Continue Aiding Afghan Peace Process

Pakistan to  Continue Aiding  Afghan Peace Process

KABUL - Pakistan’s Ambassador to Afghanistan Zahid Nasrullah Khan on Wednesday said Islamabad played a vital role in the US-Taliban peace talks and would continue facilitating the process.
The envoy said this while addressing a gathering at the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul, marking Kashmir Solidarity Day.
Nasrullah Khan said Afghanistan and Pakistan were neighbors and enjoyed a long border, adding that around two million Afghan refugees still lived in Pakistan.
He said the Afghan peace process was vital for Afghanistan, Pakistan and the entire region, adding that Pakistan was playing a key role in the process.
He said Pakistan facilitated the launch of Taliban and US talks and facilitated the process to a greater extent.
“Peace in Afghanistan is vital for us. War is not a solution to Afghan problem, this conflict should come to an end to serve the best interest of the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan.”
Pir Syed Ahmad Gilani, head of the Melli Mahaz Party, said there was no alternative to peace, asking all stakeholders reconcile.
Referring to recent remarks by US foreign secretary, he said the Taliban and US agreement would pave the way for intra-Afghan talks.
He, however, stressed the pull out of US troops from Afghanistan should be completed responsibly; otherwise the entire region would suffer the consequences.
Pakistan Embassy marks the Kashmir Solidarity day at a time when some individuals have erected protest tent in front of the Pakistani Embassy calling for the release of Pashton Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) Leader Manzoor Pashteen. (Pajhwok)