Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

NATO to Stay in Afghanistan Until There Is a Peace Agreement: Kay

NATO to Stay in Afghanistan Until  There Is a Peace Agreement: Kay

QALAT - NATO Senior Civilian Representative (SCR) Nicholas Kay on Saturday said the alliance would remain in Afghanistan until   there is a peace agreement in the country.
Kay along with Hasna Jalil, deputy minister of interior, visited southern Zabul province to assess security situation, hear public opinion on peace talks and empowerment of masses.
Addressing reporters, NATO SCR rejected the Taliban’s assumption that the international community would leave Afghanistan alone if the group continued its fighting.
Kay said  NATO is strong, and we will be here until there is a peace agreement in the war-torn country.
He said although talks between the Taliban and US was underway the real peace was linked with intra-Afghan talks.
"I came to Zabul to hear from the people of Zabul about peace and what they expect from the peace process and I’ve heard here in Zabul that people are thirsty for peace and that peace is their biggest priority." NATO SCR added.
He praised  and congratulate the governor and the security leaders  for improvement of  the security in Zabul province.
Kay added , without security, there won’t be any peace and it is important that the Taliban know that the Afghan forces are strong,
Hasna Jalil said that they assessed the condition of its security institutions in the province and would further empower their troops until spring.
She the cooperation of Afghan and foreign forces continued and pledged to thwart every sort of attack from the enemy side. (Pajhwok)