Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Khalilzad Meets Karzai, Discusses ‘Current Situation’

Khalilzad Meets Karzai, Discusses  ‘Current Situation’

KABUL - The US peace envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, met with former president Hamid Karzai on Wednesday night and discussed the “current situation and relations between the countries,” Karzai’s office said.
“The chaos of the election and the contradictory statements of the international organizations involved in the election process are a clear indication of foreigners' efforts to weaken our country and create divisions among the Afghan people,” Karzai said in a statement on Thursday.
“The only way to strengthen a friendly relationship between the US and the people of Afghanistan is to resolve the ambiguity of the intentions and actions of that country (United States), which will only happen through peace, respect for sovereignty, and by the unified,  national will of the Afghan people.
On Wednesday, Karzai said that he had already informed the Afghan people that the current circumstances in the country weren’t suitable to ensure the credibility and transparency of the elections, and that the election process was "imposed" on the Afghan people.
“The process that was imposed on our people under the name of 'elections' was not a national process and was in contrast to the values of democracy,” said Karzai in a statement on Wednesday, as political uncertainty increased following Tuesday's announcement by the Independent Election Commission declaring Ashraf Ghani the next president.
According to Karzai, the election process fundamentally serves foreign agendas in Afghanistan, which are aimed at weakening Afghanistan’s national sovereignty and creating division among the Afghan people so that foreigners can implement their plans.
“Given the overall situation in the country, particularly what has happened over the past five months, especially after the announcement of the results, it is natural that the results declared are not accepted,” said Karzai's statement.
On Tuesday, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced President Ashraf Ghani as winner of Afghanistan’s presidential election, but hours after the announcement Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah announced the formation of a separate “inclusive government” and declared his own “victory” in the polls.
The results of the election, according to the IEC, indicate that President Ashraf Ghani has the highest count with 50.6% of the total amount with 923,592 votes, while Abdullah has 39.52% of the total amount, with 720,841 votes, according to the IEC. (TOLO NEWS)