Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

IEC’s Election Announcement ‘Surprise’ to IECC

IEC’s Election Announcement  ‘Surprise’ to IECC

KABUL - A member of the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) on Thursday said that he was "surprised" by the announcement of the final results of the presidential elections by the Independent Election Commission (IEC).
“It was a surprise for me, I saw it on the television—the honorable members of the election commission were sitting together to announce the election results while we were not aware of it,” said Younus Tughra, an IECC member.
According to Tughra, the IEC announced the final results of the elections without the approval of the IECC.
He said that the IECC’s decisions weren’t taken into consideration by the IEC.
“Our decisions were very clear---we also shared them in writing--with the signature of the head of the commission (IECC) and a signature by the deputy head of the commission--but it was not implemented in the right way,” said Tughra.
On Tuesday the Independent Election Commission announced President Ashraf Ghani as the winner of Afghanistan’s presidential election held on September 28, 2019.
Many other election candidates and Ghani's political rivals have rejected the results as‘fraud’.
Widespread reactions:
“I am confident that the Afghan people will never forgive the work of the commission, nor will the results be acceptable to the people of Afghanistan--the certificate is not credible,” said Ahmad Wali Massoud, a presidential candidate, referring to the certificate granted to incumbent Ashraf Ghani by the Independent Election Commission on Wednesday.
But, the IEC has defended their move to announce the election results, saying that their decision was in line with the law.
“It is not necessary to inform the election observers, the electoral complaints commission or the political parties when the election commission decides to announce the final results of the elections,” said Mirza Mohammad Haqparast, a deputy spokesman for the Election Commission.
“Elections have always been affected because of the political aspects of the process---there is no doubt the same thing applied to this election, too, because of the political meddling in the process,” said Naeem Asghari,
Also of note, on Monday, February 18, a member of the IEC told TOLOnews that it would take "three to four days" to announce the final results of the elections:
“Based on the interval, we will announce the final results of the elections in three or four days,” Mohammad Hanif Danishyar, a member of the IEC, told TOLOnews on Monday.
But the results were announced the following day. (TOLO NEWS)