Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, August 8th, 2020

Wolesi Jirga Rejects 2 Presidential Legislative Decrees

Wolesi Jirga Rejects  2 Presidential Legislative Decrees

KABUL - The Wolesi Jirga on Monday rejected two legislative presidential decrees promoting the Petroleum Enterprise to a National Gas and Petroleum Authority and the National Examination Committee to as National Examination Authority.
Nangyal Lawang, a member of the lower house Justice Commission, said that most members of the permanent Commissions had rejected the promotion of Petroleum Enterprise and Examination Committee as they deemed it against the law.
He said the legislative decree issued last year was about promoting the Petroleum Enterprise of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries to a National Gas and Petroleum Authority while the Examination Committee of the Higher Education Ministry to National Examination Authority.
He said if these institutions were promoted to independent authorities, they would not be held accountable.
Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani said the creation of independent authorities, amendments or revocation of laws were the responsibility of the Wolesi Jirga.
As the bill was presented in the house, a majority of the lawmakers rejected it. The legislative decrees would be dispatched to the upper house for approval.
Article 100 of the constitution says “”If one House rejects decisions of the other, a joint commission comprised of an equal number of members from each House shall be formed to solve the difference. “
“The decision of the commission, after endorsement by the President, shall be enforced. If the joint commission does not solve the difference, the decision shall be considered rejected.” (Pajhwok)