Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

Afghan Tribal Elder Strips Naked in Protest to Conferment of Marshal Degree to Gen. Dostum

Afghan Tribal Elder Strips Naked in Protest to Conferment of  Marshal Degree to Gen. Dostum

BAGHLAN - A tribal elder from nothern Baghlan province stripped naked during a large gathering in protest to conferment of Marhshal degree to General Abdul Rashid Dostum, the former First Vice President of Afghanistan
Hassan Ahmadzai, a resident of Baghlan province and one of the leaders of Ahmadzai tribe in the province, stripped naked during a gathering in Kabul on Thursday, protesting against the conferment of Marshal degree to Gen. Dostum.
A video of Ahmadzai has gone viral on social media in which he claims the government has compromised with the brutalities against Pashtun tribes while conferring the Marshal degree to Gen. Dostum.
He later posted a statement on Facebook, claiming that he took off his clothes to defend the rights of the supressed people, slamming Ghani for stripping them off and distributing their rights on other ethnic groups.
Ghani conferred the title of ‘Marshal of Afghanistan’ on Gen. Dostum earlier this month. The Office of the President in a statement said President Ghani issued a decree in this regard late in June.
According to a copy of the decree which has been published online, President Ghani approved the conferment of the Marshal title on Gen. Dostum as per the Article 19 and Item 64 of the constitution of Afghanistan.
The decree further added that the title on Gen. Dostum has been conferred for his services in resolving the political stalemates and ensuring security in the country.
The issue of conferment of Marshal title remained a hot topic during the negotiations to resolve political tensions which arose following 2019 controversial presidential elections.
The former first vice president Mohammad Qasim Fahim was previously holding the title of the Marshal of Afghanistan. (KHAAMA PRESS)