Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, September 27th, 2020

Afghan Cabinet Nomination Completed

Afghan Cabinet  Nomination Completed

KABUL - Afghan government on Monday announced more nominees for cabinet posts, completing the process more than three months after a political deal between President Ashraf Ghani and his former election rival Abdullah Abdullah.
Sediq Sediqi, a presidential spokesman, in a press conference named a total of nine new nominees.
They are:
Bashir Ahmad Taheynj for ministry of labour and social affairs,
Nisar Ahmad Ghoryani for ministry of industry and commerce
Qudratullah Zaki for ministry of transport
Masooma Khavari for ministry of communications and information technology
Anwar ul Haq Ahadi for ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock
Mohibullah Samim for ministry of frontiers and tribal affairs
Fazl Ahmad Manawi for ministry of justice
Noor-ur Rahman Akhlaqi for ministry of refugees and repatriation
Abbas Baseer for ministry of higher education
They will act as caretaker of the ministries until their confirmation by the parliament.
Additionally, Syed Sa’adat Mansoor Naderi was appointed as the state minister for peace affairs. (1TV NEWS)