Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, September 27th, 2020

Kabul-Taliban Negotiations to Begin on Monday

Kabul-Taliban Negotiations to  Begin on Monday

PESHAWAR - Long-awaited peace negotiations between Afghan government and the Taliban are expected to get under way on Monday in Doha, says a diplomatic source.
An Islamabad-based diplomat, familiar with frenzied efforts for the start of the negotiations, told Pajhwok Afghan News representatives of the warring sides were poised to sit across the negotiating table in Doha this week.
“Obviously, the negotiators have a very long and tortuous road ahead of them. But despite the immensity of the task, they will give their best short to bringing peace to their country after decades of war,” he said.
Although the government’s negotiating team delayed its planned departure for the Qatari capital on Friday, the source revealed the delegation would fly to Doha today (Saturday).
“The US-led global fraternity wants both parties to the conflict to seize the opportunity for peace and keep Afghanistan’s national interest. Some hiccups may be there, but the talks are likely to begin,” the diplomat commented. (Pajhwok)