Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

China Delivers $1 Million Worth Medical Aid to Afghanistan

China Delivers $1 Million  Worth Medical Aid to Afghanistan

KABUL - A plane carrying medical aid worth one million US dollars from China landed in Afghan capital Kabul on Thursday. The aid is expected to be used in combating the coronavirus.
The aid package includes nearly 40,000 testing kits, 20,000 protective clothes, two PCR machines and two RNA extraction machines.
Thanking China for delivering the assistance, Afghan Second Vice President Sarwar Danish, said at the Kabul airport that China was on the frontline of the fight against coronavirus and it successfully got past the crisis.
He said that China has been delivering medical assistance to Afghanistan since they very beginning of coronavirus crisis.
Danish said that coronavirus deaths in Afghanistan are much lower than the other countries.
Meanwhile, Afghan Acting Health Minister Ahmad Javad Osmani said that serious measures are in place in all health centers in Afghanistan to combat possible second wave of coronavirus.
Chinese Ambassador Wang Yu said that coronavirus crisis has hurt Afghanistan’s economy, adding China has delivered medical and food assistance to Afghanistan to help tackle it. (1TV NEWS)