Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

Afghanistan, Siemens Energy Sign Cooperation Agreement

Afghanistan, Siemens  Energy Sign Cooperation Agreement

KABUL - Afghanistan and German giant Siemens Energy signed an agreement of cooperation to boost the war-torn country’s energy sector.
The agreement was signed between the Ministry of Finance, National Water Affairs Regulation Authority and national electricity company Breshna and Siemens Energy in the presence of President Ashraf Ghani.
Ataullah Nasib, head of Afghanistan Investment Facilitation Unit, said that the agreement aims to help Afghanistan access new sources of revenue as a platform for electricity transit, use local resources for electricity production, and create modern and sustainable system for power production.
He said that currently, 28 percent of people in Afghanistan have access to electricity and it is expected to rise to 65 percent by 2032.
Meanwhile, COE of Siemens Energy, Christian Bruch, said that the company will help Afghanistan produce electricity from renewable energy sources and turn the country into a hub of exporting renewable energy to the region.
President Ashraf Ghani that energy is not only important for infrastructure, but for all developments and investments.
“We will build an Afghanistan where citizens can look forward to reliable power, not only for their homes and offices, but to ensure that their products, whether agriculture, industrial, or services, can rely on sustained, 24-hour energy, 7 days a week, 365 days a year,” the president said. (1TV NEWS)