Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, November 28th, 2020

Afghanistan, Pakistan to Jointly Foil Peace Spoilers

Afghanistan, Pakistan to  Jointly Foil Peace Spoilers

KABUL - Afghanistan and Pakistan have agreed to work jointly for peace, economic development, preventing those creating hurdles to the peace process and planning a dignified return of Afghan refugees.
Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan on Thursday paid a day-long visit to Kabul and held talks with President Ashraf Ghani and other high officials.
The Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement on Friday said during the prime minister’s visit, Afghan and Pakistan officials agreed on a joint vision to support peace and stability in both countries and the region.
The ministry said the agreement would result into peace, security and economic cooperation between peoples of the two countries.
The agreement document published by the Foreign Ministry commits both countries to maintaining peace, economic development, return of refugees and people to people contacts.
The agreement says relations between the two countries will stand on transparency, respect to each other’s national sovereignty and Afghanistan’s ties and cooperation with other countries will not threaten relations between the two countries.
The document says both countries will expand ties in areas of commerce, government institutions and peoples.
The document also sets out a timetable for implementation of decisions.
Similarly, both sides agreed to cooperate against those creating hurdles to the peace process and conduct joint intelligence activities for evaluation and identification of such elements.
The two sides insisted on finding solution to the refugee issue and agreed to formulate a joint plan from the beginning of the new year for the return of refugees.
For continued cooperation, the two sides stressed on visits of leaders of the two countries and it is expected President Ghani will visit Pakistan next year. (Pajhwok)