Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, February 28th, 2021

Republic’s Talks Team Claim No Discussions Held on Interim Govt

Republic’s Talks Team Claim  No Discussions Held on Interim Govt

DOHA - The Afghan Republic’s negotiating team on Sunday denied claims of there having been any discussions with the Taliban regarding an interim government.
Speaking at a virtual press conference in Doha, Qatar, one negotiating team member Rasul Talib said the Taliban has not yet called for discussions on the subject.
“No discussions have been held about an interim government,” said Talib.
“For the Republic’s negotiating team, it’s about what is actually on the negotiating table, not what they (Taliban) are talking about to the media,” Talib added.
Talib also said the Taliban’s head negotiator Abbas Stanikzai is not in Doha for talks but was in Moscow, delivering “propaganda speeches” in a bid to divert the public’s attention from the main topic of talks.
Talib also said that pre-conditions do not lead to dialogue.
“The agenda that the Taliban has raised, there is no issue of releasing prisoners,” Talib said.
The talks team also denied claims that the team members differed on issues among themselves and also rejected claims by the Taliban that President Ashraf Ghani was putting up obstacles in the way of peace.
They said there was no truth in these claims.
“The Doha deal [between the US and the Taliban] has given the Taliban more leverage but statements by officials from the new US administration regarding the revision of this agreement are promising,” Talib said.
The team said however they hope the Taliban team returns to the negotiating tables and that the group realizes that the only way to end the war is through negotiations.
The team did however deny reports that the negotiations had stalled and pointed out that they are not able to return to Afghanistan without the permission of the High Council of National Reconciliation. (ATN)