Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, February 28th, 2021

Kandaharis Want Prompt Work Launch on Dahla Dam

Kandaharis Want Prompt  Work Launch on Dahla Dam

KANDAHAR CITY - Officials, youth, civil society members and elders in southern Kandahar province on Saturday hailed efforts of the National Water Management Authority (NWMA) head Eng. Khan Mohammad Takal and demanded completion of work on the Dahla Dam.
Social Affairs Director of Kandahar Haji Agha Lalai hailed efforts of Eng. Takal about water management nation-wide and said water was the honor of the nation and efforts should be made to ensure its management.
He said the youth of Kandahar were united and would strive for their rights at every stage.
On the behalf of youth, elders and people of Kandahar, he demanded the launch of work on all provincial water related projects as pledged by the government.
Lalai demanded the lunch of work on Dahla Dam in Shahwalikot district, Lorai Dam in Arghistan district, Rabat Dam in Spinboldak district, Agha Jan Dam in Uruzgan province and Torai Dam in Zabul province.
Eng. Toryali Mahbobi, head of the Aghandab River Zone, read a message from Eng. Takal and provided information about the construction of Dahla Dam and other water management projects in the province.
He said the Asian Development Bank had approved funds for the construction of Dahla Dam but the problem was land acquisition which had been also resolved to a greater extent.

He said design of Arghistan’s Lorai Dam had been approved and work on the project would be launched soon. (Pajhwok)