Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, February 28th, 2021

Stanikzai: Afghans Must Decide Their Own Destiny

Stanikzai: Afghans Must  Decide Their Own Destiny

KABUL - Government-backed negotiating team head Masoum Stanikzai on Monday said the peace process was between Afghans who themselves should decide their destiny in accordance with the accepted logic and principles of society.
A press release issued by the negotiating team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan said MasoomStanekzai and a number of members of the council attended the meeting of the Afghan Civil Society Complex online and talked about the Afghan peace process.
The release said AssadullahSaadati, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council for National Reconciliation, spoke about various dimensions of war and peace in Afghanistan.
Saadati said the Afghan government’s negotiating team represented various segments of society especially religious scholars whose role valuable in the peace process.
The former spymaster also talked about how some countries having influence on the Taliban should play their role directly and indirectly, especially Islamic countries, on advancing the peace process in Afghanistan.
Referring to the influential role of religious scholars who are members of the negotiating team, Stanikzai expressed his gratitude for the united position and rational and strong reasoning of the negotiating team during the peace talks.
The top peace negotiator also talked about the declaration of the International Council of Ulema of the Islamic World in connection with the misinterpretation of the current war in Afghanistan.
He said the declaration widely reflected the views of Islamic scholars on Afghanistan and the current war.
He said the Afghans were going through currently the transition phase from war to peace and the success of the phase needed close harmony and empathy with the great scholars of Afghanistan.
The negotiating team head emphasized strengthening of consensus in various domestic arenas as an influential factor in the peace process  and said that the peace process was a process among Afghans and Afghans should decide their own destiny in accordance with accepted logic and principles in society.
MalaviEnayatullahBaligh, a member of the negotiating team, said about the role and position of war victims and youth in the peace process.
“Our first step is to stop the civilian casualties by providing firearms because our compatriots are losing their lives every day in an unjust war,” said Baligh .
Another member of the negotiating team, Fawzia Kofi, noted that the role of religious scholars and women in Afghanistan had been prominent throughout history.
She said the role of moderate scholars and their true and accurate understanding of religion could end the war and ensure peace and stability. (Pajhwok)