Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

Afghan Forces Need US Assistance to Combat Taliban: Special Ops General

Afghan Forces Need US Assistance to  Combat Taliban: Special Ops General

General Richard Clarke, chief of US Special Operations Command, said on Thursday that the Afghan security forces need US assistance to successfully counter the Taliban and other threats Afghanistan faces.
Addressing the Senate Armed Services Committee, Clarke said: “The capabilities that the US provides for the Afghans to be able to combat the Taliban and other threats that reside in Afghanistan are critical to their success.
According to Military Times, Clarke declined to provide any details of possible options he has outlined to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on how he could provide needed counterterrorism troops or capabilities if special operations forces are not physically in Afghanistan.
Clarke noted that no decision has been made about the withdrawal, adding that “we will always provide options” to deter or defeat al-Qaeda, Daesh or other terrorism threats.
Referring to his recent visit to Afghanistan, Clarke said: “Progress has been made and I found a very capable commander.”
Violence by the Taliban and other insurgent groups like al-Qaeda has remained high in the country despite peace efforts, which include the signing of the US-Taliban deal in Doha in February last year and the September start of peace talks between the Afghan Republic’s team and the Taliban.
Reuters also reported that Germany has decided to extend its military mission in Afghanistan beyond the May 1 deadline. .
According to Reuters, German lawmakers approved late on Thursday a new mandate which allows the German military to keep up to 1,300 troops in Afghanistan as part of a NATO mission until Jan 31, 2022. (ATN)