Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, April 18th, 2021

Millions of Afghanis Embezzled in Purchase of Items for IECC

Millions of Afghanis Embezzled in  Purchase of Items for IECC

KABUL - About 25 types of office equipment have been purchased by the Independent Electoral Complaint Commission (IECC), which paid 3.6 million afghanis more than market prices, Pajhwok Afghan News has learnt.
Experts say that purchasing goods at higher than the market prices indicates embezzlement. The Penal Code suggests different punishments for embezzlers, based on the nature their crimes.
A copy of the report from the commission’s Internal Audit Department of, which is responsible for investigating such cases, shows the items purchased for commissioners, officers, consultants and newly-hired technical staff include different types of desks, chairs, air purifiers, air conditioners, water filters, television sets, carpet and sofa sets.
The items were purchased for about eight million afghanis. Based on the market rates, these items can be purchased for 4.3 million afghanis, but the electoral watchdog paid 3.6 million afghanis more than the normal market price.
In addition, a number of other items were not included in the list, but they are part the contract.
The report alleges logistics officials have not performed their duty properly. Under Articles 104 and 105 of the Labor Law, the pricing board, shortlists the boards of companies, general managers of contact facilitation and procurement officers are held accountable. Based on the law, they have caused damage to public property.
According to the audit report, “13 meeting tables for six and 10 people, 50 metal chairs, three additional office desks, 20 domestically-produced desks, 12 couch seat. three small desks, 10 water purifiers, 25 water dispensers/filters, 13 TV sets, 10 air conditioners, 12 air purifiers, 1,200 meters of carpet and 20 sockets are the items purchased for IECC.
The purchases were made in line with the proposal No. 1514, dated 10/06/2019 and the order No. 6355, issued in the first quarter of the fiscal year 1399.
The bidding featured Wasil Ehsan, Koh, Karim Tower, Ekam Saba and Jawad Rahimi and Baradaran Logistics Services Companies.
Although the items, 20 pieces of furniture, bids from relevant companies were not invited and finally a contract was signed with Rahimi & Baradaran firms, the report reads. (Pajhwok)