Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, July 22nd, 2024

US Intends to Escalate Afghanistan’s Air Exports: SIGAR

US Intends  to Escalate  Afghanistan’s Air Exports: SIGAR

KABUL - The United States Special Investigation General for Afghanistan Reconstruction in its latest report stated that the country plans to boost the air exports of Afghanistan.
The plan is sketched for a four-year period i.e. 2021-2025 and is said to be using five major airports of Afghanistan.
In order for the plan to get underway, the US is closely working with the Afghan government to renovate the Hamid Karzai International airport in Kabul, Kandahar in the south, Mazar-e-sharif in the north, Herat in the west, and Jalalabad airport in the east of Afghanistan.
The renovation process will also create up to 20,000 jobs and will boost Afghanistan’s air exports by 30 percent.
Since the start of experts through the air- air corridor- the war-ravaged country has exported $170 million worth of commercial goods to other countries.
Afghanistan mostly exports its dry fruits and a relatively large amount of fresh fruits and rugs. The Saffron of Afghanistan is the best of its kind in the world and the country is now the largest producer and exporter of pine nuts in the world.
The report comes at a time when the Taliban are having control over six dry ports of the country which has decreased the national revenue of Afghanistan. Herat airport was a halt for a short period of time due to ongoing conflict and Kandahar has been changed to a battlefield between ANDSF and the Taliban. (Khaama Press)