Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, January 22nd, 2022

Taliban Prisoners Escaped Through Gate, Not Tunnel: Gov.t

Taliban   Prisoners Escaped Through Gate, Not Tunnel: Gov.t

KABUL - Afghan Justice Minister has said Kandahar jailbreak did not happen through tunnel, but the Taliban prisoners were helped to escape through the main gate of the jail.
There has been collaboration between Taliban detainees and Kandahar dungeon chiefs in Kandahar jailbreak, Justice Minister Habibullah Ghalib has said.
Deputy Chief of Afghan intelligence has accused neighboring countries' intelligence organizations of being involved in Kandahar jailbreak.
On Sunday Justice Minister, Deputy Chief of Afghan National Directorate of Security and Chief of Prisons were summoned to the national security commission of the parliament for a brief about their investigations into the Kandahar prison break that raised questions about potential of Afghan security forces.

Describing the prison break as painful, Justice Minister said as long as corruption is left unaddressed, any sort of efforts would have no results.
Speaking in the national security commission of parliament Deputy NDS Abdul Qayum Katawazi said "the process has been done thoroughly and we accept that prison personnel have shown negligence.

Members of national security commission of the parliament criticised security officials for being reckless.
Lawmakers said considering the sensitive situation of Afghanistan the outbreak of such incidents are embarrassing to security forces.
In line with investigations into the Kandahar jailbreak Afghan authorities have arrested 15 Kandahar jail staff, including the prison chief, a deputy and four guards who were on duty at the time, said officials in the justice ministry.
Close to 500 Taliban inmates escaped out of Kandahar central Jail on April 25 which is believed to be one of the biggest escapes of its type in jail history in the country. (Tolo News)