Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

Afghanistan will Not Return to A Taliban Regime: Khalili

Afghanistan will  Not Return to A  Taliban Regime: Khalili

KABUL - Afghanistan will not return to a situation like that of the Taliban regime, the Second Vice-President Karim Khalili told reporters in Bamyan province on Friday.

Khalili stressed that while there are some weaknesses in the system now, they will be resolved and the Afghan forces will be fully capable of defeating insurgents after 2014.

"We support the past 11 years achievements and our security forces will be able to hold security after the withdrawal of foreign forces. There are some problems within the security organs which would be tackled soon," Khalili said.

"Afghanistan will not turn back to Talibanizm," he added.

Khalili urged insurgents to renounce violence and join the Afghan peace process.

"We urge the armed opposition groups to renounce violence and join the peace process. They shouldn't make the presence of foreign troops a reason [for insurgency] as they leaving by the end of 2014. If they want to use force against us, even with support of foreign countries, the Afghan Forces and people will chase them," he added.

The Afghan security forces will take over the responsibility of securing the country from foreign forces by the end of 2014 as concerns over the economic and military crisis are mounting in the country. (Tolo News)